Area Information

The seasonal sceneries around the hotel attracts many customers.
Also, there are a number of restaurants which serve Japanese sake and meals with ingredients of Niigata.

photograph of Fukushimagata -Park of Water-

-Park of Water-

Access | about 1 hour

It is a park with more than 220 kinds of wild birds and 450 kinds of plants, and people of Niigata often visit.
Approximately 1 hour from the hotel.


to Fukushimagata -Park of Water-

photograph of Northern Culture Museum

Northern Culture Museum

Access | about 1 hour

It was built as a mansion of Ito family, a formally large landowner in Niigata in Meiji Period. It has a “walking” garden laid out in the traditional style of 14-15th century, and purple wisteria is beautifully blooms around May.
Approximately 1 hour from the hotel.


to Northern Culture Museum

photograph of Gosen City Tulip Farm

Gosen City Tulip Farm

Access | about 1 hour 10 minutes

Carpet of 1.5 million of tulips across the landscape.
Tulip season expand from the middle to the end of April.
Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes from the hotel.


to Gosen City Tulip Farm

photograph of Bandai Bridge

Bandai Bridge

Access | about 10 minutes

The beautiful stone arch bridge is regarded as a symbol of Niigata Prefecture and also one of the National Important Cultural Properties of Japan.
It takes 10 minutes walk from the hotel.


to Bandai Bridge

photograph of Shinanoogawa Water Shuttle

Shinanogawa Water Shuttle

Access | about 10 minutes

It is a highly recommended returning river cruise to Niigata Furusato-mura through “Minato Pier”, “Toki Messe” and “Bandai Bridge”. The nearest station from the hotel is “Bandai City”.
It takes 10 minutes walk from the hotel to Bandai City.


to Shinanoogawa Water Shuttle

photograph of Minato Pier Niigata City History Museum

Minato Pier Niigata City
History Museum

Access | about 20 minutes

It is a museum that contains historical architectures, such as former Niigata Custom House, the oldest custom house in Japan. You can experience culture and history of Niigata, the city of water.
Approximately 20 minutes from the hotel.


to Minato Pier Niigata City History Museum

photograph of Niigata Horse Racecourse

Niigata Horse Racecourse

Access | about 40 minutes

It is 1,000 meter of the longest racecourse in Japan.
Approximately 40 minutes from the hotel.


to Niigata Horse Racecourse

Other sightseeing facilities

Sake Museum Ponshu kan

serves sake from 93 distilleries around Niigata. You can sample any 5 with 500 yen.
Approximately 5 minutes from the hotel.

Niigata Manga & Animation Museum

presents and exhibits some of representative works and properties of famous manga and anime artists from Niigata.
10 minutes from the hotel.

Toki Messe

It is a convention facilities for large or smaller meetings and exhibitions.
20 minutes walk from the hotel.

Pier Bandai

you will find a locally produced sake, rice, fresh fish, and meats in the market. You can also try local fish of Niigata.
Approximately 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

Niigata Senbei Okoku (Kingdom of rice crackers)

offers visitors the opportunity to watch or try roasting rice crackers by hand, then eat them freshly.
The Hotel→At Bandai City Bus Center, take a bus bound for Shibata Bus Terminal and get off at “Nigorikawa Junior High school mae”→3 minutes walk (Approximately 1 hour from the hotel)

Niigata City Sightseeing Bus

Reasonably and effectively travel around sightseeing facilities, such as the aquarium and museums Departing from Bus Stop 13 at Niigata Station (Bandai Exit)
【One day ticket】Adult:500yen
(Stops at:The Niigata Saitou Villa・MINATOPIA・Former Ozawa Family Residence・Pier Bandai・Marine Pier Japan Sea・Manga & Animation Museum)

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