The hotel has “Bistro La Atori”, which offers French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine made with high quality ingredients and local products, and “Bar le Atori”, a casual standing bar where guests can enjoy drinks and authentic tapas.
Breakfast is available in buffet style in “Bistoro La Atori”. Local specialty of Kyushu, such as seasoned cod roe and Satsuma-age (fried fish cake) are served and has been receiving a favorable reputation, in addition to Japanese and western style breakfast. In sunny days, it would be marvelous to enjoy it at the terrace.
At check-in, the receptionist will give you the breakfast rickets, if you have reserved the stay with breakfast. Please take it with you to the restaurant.

Photograph of Restaurant

Bistro La Atori / Bar le Aotri

If you want to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxing atmosphere, Bistro La Atori may be a good choice.
If you want to enjoy food and drinks in a casual atmosphere, we recommend the standing bar, Bar le Aotri.

Photograph of Dinner

Open Hours

Breakfast / A.M. 7:00 - A.M. 10:30 (L.O.10:00)

Lunch / A.M. 11:30 - P.M. 2:30

Dinner / Monday - Saturday P.M. 5:00 - P.M. 11:00 (L.O.10:30) / Sunday&Holiday P.M. 5:00 - P.M.9:30 (L.O.9:00)